Airspeed treats every package—from small boxes to shiploads, from commodity goods to life-saving equipment—with utmost care and precaution. Airspeed also specializes in heavy freight and secures chartered flights in various locations according to your cargo needs.

Business involved in import and export can count on Airspeed's cargo handling and facilitation which includes:

  • Regular Consolidation
  • Project Cargoes for Special Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Perishable Goods
  • Dangerous Goods



Airspeed’s expertise in worldwide ocean export and import, as well as specialized Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) services for perishable and non-perishable goods, makes them the go-to service provider for all ocean shipment needs. Airspeed is also experienced in handling heavy equipment and oversized cargo, and renders buyers consolidation.



Door to door delivery is the most common and convenient way of shipping for the customer. Here, the customer doesn’t need to worry about any arrangements related with the sea freight container shipment. Airspeed will be in charge of the entire process, beginning with container loading, delivery to the port, and its arrival at the final destination. Other important parts in the door to door process is storage, consolidation, and inland transportation of your cargo, which Airspeed will provide as well. Airspeed will also provide you with complete export documentation support with every step. Door to door delivery is all about convenience and speed, which Airspeed surely provides.


Our experienced and fully licensed personnel can assist customers in the facilitation of clearance processing. We extensively use Value Added Services, an internet-based portal for manifesting, clearance processing, and online releasing with the Bureau of Customs.

After processing papers and clearing shipments for clients, Airspeed also ensures that all details are coveredfrom planning to monitoring the right system and solution for complex logistics and supply chain requirements. Our professionals are open for consultation to help you arrive at the best co-efficient option for your needs.



Airspeed invests in the best technologies and facilities ensuring that your cargo is handled and monitored efficiently. Airspeed guarantees on-time cargo delivery and distribution. Airspeed uses a barcoding and inventory system to properly segregate goods for efficient tracking and distribution. For specific storage requirement, Airspeed’s strong third-party warehouse facility network can accommodate your needs.

Our features include

• Bar Coding System
• Properly Segregated Cargo
• Safe and Reliable Storage System
• Equipped with CCTV Cameras
• 24/7 Security

Scope of Services

• Storage
• Inventory Management
• Handling In & Out
• Pick & Pack
• Order Taking
• Printing of Delivery Receipt
• Pick up & Delivery

Warehouse Branches

Airspeed Philippines, Manila
Old FDI Pascor Drive
Sto. Niño, Parañaque City

Airspeed Philippines, Cebu
Warehouse 6&7 The Green Strip
Paknaan Mandaue, Cebu City
Airspeed Philippines, Davao Door 2 Binansel Warehouse
Km. 7, Lanang, Davao City